a land rich with history

Montgomery Farms sits on a beautiful 40-acre plot of land which is only a small portion of property purchased by Dallas Donald Montgomery in 1936.  His dream was to invest in land that his children could have and then pass it on to their children and so forth.  Over 80 years later land that was passed down to Dallas Earl Montgomery and currently to Dallas Robert Montgomery and Mandi (Montgomery) Bieda has remained virtually unchanged.  The property hosts a beautiful 1870’s dairy barn sitting across a farmhouse, both of which have been restored while holding on to their great charm.

The Montgomery family is blessed to have had the opportunity to use this land over the years with a variety of business ventures that always preserved the property, supported the family while also giving back to the community!  In 1996, 60 years after its purchase, the Montgomery’s began selling produce out of the Barn which led to a booming agri-entertainment enterprise with a corn maze, pumpkin patch and plenty of Autumn activities hosting over 40,000 guests through September and October each year.  Trying to stay relevant and ahead of the curve, the current owners, Dallas R. and Mandi converted the property to a unique outdoor event venue and wedding facility in 2012.  To date the family has proudly been a part of joining over 200 couples in matrimony and hosting thousands for events!  Needless to say Dallas Donald Montgomery would be proud of his vision for the land.

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meet the owners

mandi montgomery bieda

Mandi, co-owner of Montgomery Farms, has always maintained roots with the business.  With over 25 years in the service industry and event hosting she hands down has what it takes to perform under pressure while providing for her clients.  After attending Purdue University, she returned to the Farm and continued the family legacy in the business.  She was responsible for the last major conversion of the Farm from agri-entertainment to a premier wedding and event venue.  She is married to her wonderful husband Ryan Bieda and loves spending time with her two beautiful children Anthony and Madelon.

dallas robert montgomery

Dallas R. Montgomery, the third Dallas in the family, started selling sweet corn out of the old Barn at the age of eleven before being tall enough to even see over the corn.  After attending Purdue University he left the family business and was an executive chef for seven years in Indianapolis.  After the conversion of Montgomery Farms into a event venue by sister Mandi, he moved back to Southern Indiana and joined forces once again with his sibling and is now a proud business owner with her.